LEED Savings – CaGBC Membership Offers Excellent Benefits

What is LEED®?


Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is the pre-eminent rating system for the way buildings, homes and neighbourhoods are designed, developed and operated all over the world. LEED is a third-party, green building certification that was initially designed to challenge the traditional views on the places where people live, work and learn.


LEED has developed into an international benchmark in terms of sustainability and building excellence due to the large number of successful projects and the integrity of the members. LEED certification deals with both human and environmental health preservation. The five key elements that are involved in Canadian LEED certification include:

  • Sustainable site development
  • Water efficiency
  • Energy efficiency
  • Materials selection
  • Indoor environmental quality

Despite the strong criteria necessary to achieve LEED certification, there are flexible green building strategies available to accommodate a large variety of different projects.


The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) is the largest and most recognized green building authority in Canada. The CaGBC is a dynamic organization that continues to develop certification criteria specific to the environments, building specifications and regulations in Canada. As the sole license holder for LEED in Canada, the CaGBC relies heavily on information received from its diverse range of members and industry experts in order to continually offer the most comprehensive certifications.


The Value of Membership


The demand for green building and environmentally friendly construction practices is higher than ever before. More companies are looking to secure membership to a recognized Canadian green council in order to display their devotion to the future of green building. Members of the CaGBC have the added benefits of being able to directly influence this sustainable future in Canada.


Becoming a corporate member of the CaGBC automatically provides access to the latest green building practices and news in the industry. Corporate credibility is greatly enhanced since the CaGBC is a recognized authority for green building projects across the nation. Members are able to display the CaGBC member logo and this shows clients, partners and employees an unwavering dedication to healthy communities. Members immediately gain access to the huge network of influential and industry-leading contacts affiliated with the CaGBC. Corporate members also receive savings in the form of:

  • Course registration fees
  • LEED certifications/project registrations
  • Discounts on LEED Accreditation
  • Free basic listing in the Canada Builds Green (CBG) directory


Individuals are also able to gain membership to a local CaGBC chapter. This type of membership will provide excellent networking opportunities as well as access to leading–edge learning courses/materials.


There are also specialized memberships available for students and new professionals. These memberships are referred to as the Emerging Green Builders (EGBs) and they open a world of networking and professional development possibilities to interested young people in Canada.


Chapter memberships for EGBs and other individuals are free if your company is a national member. There is no better or faster way to connect with and grow your green building industry network.


Take Control of the Future


The biggest advantage to becoming a member of the Canada Green Building Council is the opportunity to directly influence the future of green building in Canada. A membership provides a unique voice in a forum where revolutionary ideas are shared and encouraged to help promote the green building movement.


CaGBC memberships provide much more than just LEED savings for members. Discover all of the benefits and value that a CaGBC membership offers for both corporate and chapter members today.


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